Outdoor Revolution Moveairlite Classic XL - Upgraded 2017 Model

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  • Outdoor Revolution Moveairlite Classic XL - Upgraded 2017 Model
  • Outdoor Revolution Moveairlite Classic XL - Upgraded 2017 Model
  • Outdoor Revolution Moveairlite Classic XL - Upgraded 2017 Model
  • Outdoor Revolution Moveairlite Classic XL - Upgraded 2017 Model
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Our opinion:-

 Updated for 2017 to now include a Zip-in Groundsheet and with the Option of a Zip-in Breathable Groundsheet. Also for 2017 some doors feature Pheonix mesh. an assisted-healing smart material that has the structurally incorporated ability to repair ‘snag’ damage caused by usage over time.

 Based on the Original Outdoor Revolution Movelite Awnings.

  The MoveAirLite Classic is Outdoor Revolutions 1st single inflation driveaway-awning. Based on a Dome design the 2 tubes are welded together to give a speedy one-point inflation awning.

   With the option of adding 1 or 2 optional annexes. Again with air inflation, the Movelite Classic Air is a very adaptable awning allowing up to 6 people to be accommodated. (2 in optional inner tent and 2 in each optional air annexe)

   Now featuring a removable Zip In groundsheet, with the option to purchase a Zip In breathable groundsheet as an option. (we believe this to be a 1st in any awning), this is one of the few air awnings that can be used on campsites that insist on breathable groundsheet's.

   As with all Outdoor Revolution’s Movelite Oxygen range of driveaway-awnings the MoveAirLite Classic Features Outdoor Revolution’s Unique Intelligent Frame Relief Valve, a built in pressure relief valve they have incorporated to the air frame Bladders. The Bladder is the inner tube of the Air Frame system a bit like the inner tube on a bike tyre. Outdoor Revolution has incorporated a unique Pressure Release Valve into the Bladder. If this valve detects that the tube is over inflated, it automatically releases some Air. This can be while you are pumping the Awning up or whilst the Awning is pitched. As Air Pressure increases with Temperature the Pressure inside the Air Tubes can increase during the day with the awning pitched, this can cause them to rupture but with Outdoor Revolutions Pressure Release Valve the Tubes should never over-inflate. 

    The Fabric they use is 150D Double Ripstop Polyester with a UV Coating, making the awnings more durable. Their awnings feature larger diameter Air tubes, giving more upright sides to the awnings, thus giving more useable floor space. 

   Updated for 2017 with its classic dome styling, easy single point inflation, Zip in removable groundsheet and option to add annexes it is sure to be a popular awning.

  XL Height: to fit vehicles with a fixing height of 2.4m - 2.9m

  What the manufacturer says:-

 Simply the most versatile driveaway awning for 2017

  From the ease of the single inflation Dura-tech. welded tube to the removable groundsheet which can be replaced with a breathable one, to the ‘either-side’ zip in annexe... ...the most adaptable driveaway awning on the market!


  • Fabric:150HD drs Endurance
  • Frame: Dura-Tech Welded Single Inflation Point Tube with Single Velcro Roof Tube.
  • Valves: Dynamic Speed Valve + Intelligent Frame Relief Valve. (3 YEAR TUBE WARRANTY)
  • Fully Fitted, Zipped, Removable Groundsheet.
  • Two Rear Cowl Access Doors.
  • Three Reflective Endurance Storm Straps.
  • Pheonix mesh. Doors.
  • Tinted Windows.
  • Embossed Zip-In Curtains.





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21.8 kg






21.8 kg



 Optional Extras

  • MoveAirLite Classic Annexe - OR16595
  • MoveAirLite Snugrug - OR17582
  • Breathable Zip In Groundsheet - OR17584
  • MoveAirLite Tube Kit - OR16592
  • Two Berth Inner Tent - OR17564
  • Stone Protection Footprint - OR16598
  • Magnetic Drive Away Strip - OR16020
  • Jet Stream Electric Pump - OR16015
  • Jet Stream Electric Twin Pump - OR17040
  • Drive away kits




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