NEW for 2020

NEW for 2020

In this tab you will find details of the New Awnings available in 2010

VANGO have introduced 2 NEW models for 2020 with 2 new VW transporter sized Airaway driveaway awnings the TOLGA & MAGRA. Both awnings are available in Blue or Grey.

The rest of the vango range remains largely unchanged for 2020

Our top choice of the Vango 2020 driveaway-awnings are the JURA and RHONE. These feature a Poly-Cotton flysheet and are based on the classic KELA and GALLI. Having a Polycotton flysheet these awnings will offer a more comfortable interior environment, being cooler in the day and warmer at night, with far less condensation and being quieter in the wind. Especially recommended if you Holiday in Europe or if we have a repeat of last years Hot Summer.

Outdoor Revolution

The Outdoor Revolution range remains mainly unchanged



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