Kampa Magnetic Drive-Away Kit

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  • Kampa Magnetic Drive-Away Kit
  • Kampa Magnetic Drive-Away Kit
  • Kampa Magnetic Drive-Away Kit
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Our Opinion:-

The Magnetic Band Connector can be used to help connect your Driveaway Awning to a Metallic Roof on a Camper-van.

The Kit consists of a 6mm single sided Kador which incorporates a magnetic strip and fig 8 profiles. It works in a similar way to a driveaway kit, you slide the awning cord on your driveaway awning into one side of the fig 8 and slide the magnetic strips kador onto the other side of the fig 8. The Magnetic strip should now attach to any metallic panel you want to attach it to.

NOTE We advise that the magnetic strip works best when used as a secondary fixing in conjunction with straps or guy lines over the roof to help give some additional security to the fixing. 

What the manufacturer Says:-

Drive-away kits offer a secure way to attach your awning to your vehicle whilst still allowing you to easily drive away.

Simply attach the magnetic strip to the top of your vehicle, connect the figure-of-8 strip to the kador along one edge before attaching the awning beading along the other. To drive away, simply slide the figure-of-8 out, or detach the magnetic strip from the vehicle.


  • 6mm kador to magnetic system
  • Guying loops included for added stability (guy lines not included)
  • 3 metre length



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