Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket Pack

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Be Prepared for that unexpected emergency with this excellent value twin pack. 
National Caravan Council Approved
This Fire Safety pack is ideal for the Home, Caravan, Boat or Car. The Extinguisher can be used on wood, paper, textile, Liquid & Electical Equipment Fires. The Fire Blanket is for use on Cooking Oil Fires. 
The Fire Extinguisher requires NO formal maintenace (Mounting Bracket Included) and the Fire Blanket has been tested on a 3L cooking oil fire.
Set Consists of:-
600g ABC Powder Aerosol Extinguisher.

600g ABC Powder Aerosol Extinguisher. Quality kitemark certified to BS6165 stored pressure ABC powder extinguisher suitable for use on class A, B and C fires. Ideally suited for domestic and leisure use. Highly effective against petrol and volatile liquids, which make them ideal for vehicle protection. 3A 21B fire rating.

  • Capacity 600g
  • Fire Rating 3A 21B
  • Minimum Discharge Time 6 seconds
  • Range of Discharge 2 - 3 m
  • Operating Temperature -20 degrees to +50 degrees
  • Height 287mm
  • Diameter 66mm
  • Weight (with bracket) 0.77kg
Square Pack Basic Fire Blanket.

1.0 x 1.0m Square Pack Basic Fire Blanket. The essential performance requirement of a fire blanket is to extinguish a cooking oil fire (as detailed in BS EN 1869:1997). Therefore the blanket must:

  • Be flexible, with good draping qualities, to eliminate oxygen from the burning oil.
  • Allow the oil to cool gradually to below it's self-ignition temperature and not re-ignite when the blanket is removed after 17 minutes.
  • Control the cooling process

New 2-ply material with two layers of woven glass-fibre fabric. Kitemark certified to BS EN 1869:1997. Suitable for use in variety of environments including: Kitchens, factories, offices, caravans, schools, hotels, restaurants, boats, shops and nursing homes.

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