Alcosence NF Breathalyser Twin Pack

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Stay Legal

2 x NF approved alcohol breathalyser Testers a legal requirement for travelling in France from July 2012

NF approved for use in France. As used by French Police. Quality product made by Alcosense

These are the correct NF approved breathalysers, so meet the legal requirement, other cheaper versions on the market may not be NF approved which will mean they will not cover you for driving in France.

From 1st July 2012 all vehicles travelling in France must carry an NF approved alcohol breathalyser. The AlcoSense Singles NF fulfils this requirement and will keep you legal

This breathalyser is designed to alert you at the lower French drink drive limit of 0.5% BAC. You can't tell when the alcohol's cleared your system, but the AlsoSense Single use breathalyser can.


  • Shows your alcohol level in 2 minutes
  • Complies with French NF Breathalyser Standards
  • NF marked so can be legally used in France
  • As used by the French Police Force for roadside screening
  •  When you pass the red line you are over the French drink drive limit
  •  A minimum of 2 NF approved disposable breathalysers must be carried in your car at any time while in France
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